Free Whitepaper: A Guide to Crafting Engaging Push Notifications with Facebook Analytics for Apps
With 86% of mobile time spent in apps, apps are playing an increasingly larger role in our everyday lives. However, one in every 5 apps gets downloaded but never opened, and 60% of all apps downloaded are used less than 10 times. Creating consistently engaging app experiences is vital to your success in today’s app market. 

To help you navigate this complex space, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide about one of the most overlooked engagement channels: push notifications. 

What’s Inside?
In this guide, we’ll cover a variety of topics surrounding push notifications as they relate to marketers and developers like you. Inside you’ll find:
  • Why push notifications are important in today's mobile landscape
  • How to increase your push opt-in rate
  • 6 best practices in crafting effective push campaigns end-to-end
  • How to get started with push notifications in Facebook Analytics for Apps

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